Wednesday, June 13, 2018

An ecstatic moment..

I love English language - writing in English and use English when speaking. However, I love Malay songs more than English songs, especially the old Malay songs, even the  1950 's oldies. I was not even born yet during the years but I know quiet a number of the songs and the singers of that time. This love is helped a lot by listening to the radio channel..Radio Klasik. While I was cooking in the kitchen, I always tuned in to this channel and the songs aired helped me to complete my task and at the same time tuned in me into memory lane.

When listening to the songs, my mind would immediately fly to the time when I was growing up in the Felda settlement. The time when the only entertainment you could get is the radio. The songs played by the DJs remind me the happy days..the sad days..the struggle..the pain..and the lost.

I was cooking yesterday for breakfasting, was trying to open up the lid of the oil bottle when I heard through the radio  the announcement of the winner of  a writing competition ADILA. I heard the first name of the winner, and suddenly the DJ mentioned my name next. I was numb and the next second I did not hear anything..just screaming and called my husband telling him..I won..I won. My story would be aired on the fifth Hari Raya..I was so happy and jumped with joy. Finally, it was proven that I have some talent in writing...

The next day, the producer for that segment called me. She was interested with my story and asked me to write more, may be this time writing the drama script. Ohh..I was estatatic..and that was one of the happiest days in my life..

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Till then..Eid Mubarak to every one. May this be the happiest day ever to all my readers.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Making a move..

Life is changing fast..

It has been several months since I moved to this new work space. I had never doubted that life here would be easy. I knew it would be a new challenge for me, of course new people would deliver new new experiences.

So far, my life is not completely changed. The only thing that changes is the different approach in delivering ideas and giving help. Last time, it was a very close knit society with a focus to deliver the best and to expect the best from our clients - students. Now, my clients are the top administrators with focus of digging out the best from them so that they could give the best to their clients - students.

Through that process, of course I expected I would meet many people and would learn the true colors of human being. As been said by Spinoza in The Ethics ..." the submission to passion is human bondage but the exercise of reason is human liberty.." Yeah..many cases of human weaknesses. Sometimes human leaves me in awe..To this age, the 5 series, I should not be too surprised with human acts, attitude, personal attributes etc...but I do get surprises which making me asking I not experiencing enough in life? I have learnt something that is in many cases I am still naive easy to trust people..and I learn a BIGGER thing...that however good you are in anything, ALLAH The Almighty is the best planner.

Hurm...let time pass..lets be older and wiser. Let the six years flies quickly..

Till then...

The Carpenter.. We Only Just Begun You Tube

Tuesday, March 27, 2018


He is not only our pet..our cat..but more like a family member which I trully love. Never we keep a cat before..even I was worried that keeping a cat would trigger my asthma attack but somehow I survive. We feel happy looking at his action running here and there making our house a complete circle of home..a family wit a pet cat..Jacob.


My pet cat..

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Life is..

Life is...
A long track somewhere
which is..
our final destination.

Life is..
A test of patient and diligence
on how strong is
our faith to our Creator.

Life is...
a beautiful canvas
on which we put our talents
to design and to put color
of memories.

Life is..
a house in which
rooms are created
with lights or left dark
to suit or journey
to the afterlife.
The best Nasyid to show love to Prophet Muhammad SAW

Ya Nabi Salamun Alaik  Rabbani

                                                          Courtesy of You Tube

Monday, February 5, 2018

I miss my old times..

                    Courtesy of Youtube

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

When I was small...

                                         First Of May by Bee Gees - Courtesy of You Tube

This recent days, at night when putting her to bed, while she was ready to sleep, Aurora will demand me to tell stories. Tired I will, sometimes too tired to tell anything, but thinking that I want my daughter to sleep peacefully and be happy I told her stories that my mother used to tell us when I was small. Back in 1970's we did not have television nor electrics so our nights after dinner were filled with stories. My mother was an avid reader..she was an educated lady. In fact, if my grandfather was a bit open minded, she could be a teacher in her time. Sadly, parents in yesteryear's thought that girls were just girls, stay at home and be a good wife.

So, my mother used to tell us stories..funny story such as Ayam Togel, scary story such as the Giants and the Pumpkins, religious stories etc. I related the stories to Aurora. She had a good time laughing listening to my stories. Later on after few days, I ran out of stories. No choice so I began to tell her stories when I was small. How I  walked to school about three kilometres without shoes because I wanted to make sure my shoes were clean, how poor we were when there was no electrics and no running water, how we spent time in the river catching fish and small prawns, how my mother came to the river bringing "roti panjang" to chase us home. I told her we ate chickens during Hari Raya only, that my dad had to slaughter the chickens for rendang... she was not happy to hear that we had to kill the chicken for our "lauk"..she asked a lot of questions such as..why didn't we just buy the chicken from the market? I had to explain to her even she could not grasp the idea that to buy a chicken last time, was out of question. I told her story about us keeping 25 cats in the house..that we had named each of the cats. And so on...

Each night my mind wondered back to the old memories. Later, after Aurora dozed off, I continued to lay down next to her counting years that had gone by. How time changes...and I have become so old...

Till then.