Thursday, October 21, 2010

My bundle of joy

It has been two weeks already..and my dear baby is two weeks old..I cant forget the day when she was was a memorable day and out of sudden everything happened so fast and by midnight 6th October last week she was taken out of my womb. When the nurse asked me to identify the sex of my baby and I said " a girl"..the nurse put her near ,my soft..immediately I fell in love with her...I love u so much much..

I was mesmerised by her face...sitting and looking at her for hours and hours...does not bore me..same with my he fully understands how to fall in love with two strong and possessive the love is...

Dear Allah..thank you so much for this bundle of joy...we are very grateful..thank you..even it was very painful the labour process..I am willing to be cut a thousand time again and again when finally she is mine..thank you again Allah..