Monday, December 5, 2011

Latest updates

There have been many things going on in the past several weeks until I could not find much time to read and what more to write here.

My son had 4 of his teeth extracted making way for braces. We had visited the clinic several times and this coming Wednesday the braces will be put on. Actually it was supposed to be today but we missed the app since I was busy with work. I will make sure I won't miss the next one.

Aurora is not feeling well. She caught flu and fever but it is not that bad. However her flu still disturbing and causing her to be cranky. I missed her chatter and lively smiles. The god news is she has started to stand on her own and trying hard to make her first step. She is not confidence but keeps trying. Suddenly it hits baby is growing..bigger and now is a more a small baby whom I first brought home from hospital more than a year ago. How time flies..and me getting older day by day. My body is getting weaker and my mood is swaying sometimes. I wonder it that symptoms of menopouse ..(sigh)'s about time..

My Aurora will be 14 months tomorrow. We celebrated her birthday at home. Actually it was a simple but meaningful dinner because we just want it to be a family affair. I don't want to share the moment with others...only us.

I went to office today and I met that person. We did work..and I with mixed feeling..

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