Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The results..

I finally got the results of the course I sat on for 5 months which started last February and finished up on July. I scored A with CGPA 4. With this results, I manage to get a Diploma. I was go grateful for all the efforts and hard work had paid. Thank you Allah The Most Gracious and The Most Merciful..Thank you for helping me to go through the 5 months of heavy burden with a lot of sacrifices from me and family.

Thank you especially to my husband..who had faced a hectic life for half a year..driving me and the children up and down this peninsular..for my children...who understood and very supportive all along the way, friends...who had helped me many times doing assignments  and office mates...who had taken my workloads when I was not around. And to my boss who had believed in me..who had given me chance to prove myself..Thank you so much. Without all of you I could never survive.

To Am and children..even I (a mother, a wife, a worker..and old woman..with many drawbacks) could do could you. With perseverance and patient, one could face any challenge..and trust me, Allah is always fair.

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