Saturday, January 11, 2014

Life is a Ferris Wheel..

I read in Net's blog and she mentioned that life is a Ferris wheel. I am not sure that my story here is considered "a ferris wheel" story but let's not judging people..Allah knows better and only He is the best Judge..

A couple of weeks before I was busy running the office when my clerk  knocked on my door telling me that there was someone wanted to see me. Fine, I said. Let he/she come in. He came inside. Immediately I noticed him. How could you forget a face that had made you sad and feel down.

14 years ago I had transferred here on an emergency ticket. I had made a police report on my ex-husband who had beaten me, harassing me and my two young children...4 and 2 years...making my life miserable and alone to his emotional and physical attacks. My boss there..a lady, had used her cables to put me to transfer at a 24-hour notice. I was helped by many people in the process and finally I had settled down here..finally at peace.

Later, after several months of settling down, I went to an ustaz's house. All I asked from him was to accept my children as his students to learn Muqaddam..Idham was 5 and Ayuni was 3..He said no..he had too many students he explained. I begged..please accept at least Idham. I knew he did not have many students as he hadmentioned. I knew it was a lame excuse.. And the wife was an ustazah. They were both teaching Muqaddhamto the  children in that area. Whatever I said, he kept on saying no. That was it. I went home. I cried. Just because I was a single mother, people looked down on me cynically.

I managed to get another ustaz far from my house but thinking that was my responsibility to give my children religious knowledge, I went on until they finished studying Al-Quran. I bought a house far from the place and I didn't see the ustaz who rejected my children until now.

He came into my room and asked for my signature as a witness because he is applying to further his study doing degree in local uni. Even though  I had a strong urge to reject him and tell him to go and see my boss to be a witness instead of me, I told myself don't do that to people. Let's not making people's life difficult. Let's not give back to him the same words he said to me 14 years ago. He suddenly asked me whether I was his neighbour in my old residential area. I simply said yes. I was sure he too could recall our encounter. He noticed me. He remembered his rejection. I said nothing else.

Then few days ago I heard the news that he had divorced the wife the ustazah and married another lady who happened to sit next to me in our meeting in KK. That was how I knew he had a divorce because I until now I am not a busy body person looking for juicy gossip. A divorce can happen to anyone..even to ustaz and ustazah.

Yeah, life is a ferris wheel. Allah is fair. Once I was on the begging side, the sadder it was his turn. We were all in the same position. The only difference was, I was not cruel like him. I entertained him because it was Allah who put me on the top now and He is also the One who  put anybody including the ustaz at  the bottom when He wants.

Thank you Allah for giving me patience and strenght to put away my sad years behind. Thank You.


  1. Salam Zu, good to see you here..better than no news for a long time. Hows Aurora and her siblings? Hope all is well. is similar to ferris wheel and it is karma. You got back what you gave before due to the ustaz cases and glad that u made a great decision..and the rest let Allah decide to him. Alhamdulillah!

    I did plan with Net macam rasa nak naik ketapi p Ipoh tapi tak tahu lah we can make it or not sebab Net bz I pun bz. Btw I dah resign dari tugas mereport and now doing small biz from home..mai la turun Sg Long:)

  2. Waalaikumussalam Sha
    Life is great. Aurora dah besor dah..kuat makan..kuat main..sampai kul 12 mlm x tido lg..sedangkan maknya dah berdengkor..ayah dialah jaga..stil x mau cakap putih jer yg dia mau menyahut..abangnya kat UniKL..skrang cuti sem 1..ada kat umah..kakaknya balik asrama..baru balik menjegok dialah ni..
    Mak dan ayah Aurora cam biasa..come again..we will always welcome both of u..dont worry kat sini dah ada hotel baru..kecil tp bersih la..dekat jer ngan umah..come tu memang bz tapi tak leh ikut sgt..time flies..

  3. Yeahh glad to see Aurora dah besar..maybe lagi cute dia cakap lepas ni. Ok must convince Net to take a train to Kampar kan? Hotel tu dekat dengan rumah Zu ke? hmm menarik ni..