Friday, October 17, 2014

Stressed out!

I had neglected my blog for so long..the longest time ever since I have started blogging. My sister's sudden death was and still giving me a hard time. I have accepted the fact that she had gone but the incident leaves me a very strong emotional impact. After she had gone I have become a more thoughtful person. Remembering the old times when we were young..when my mother was around..Those thoughts and the series of journey down the memory lanes making me more quiet and withdrawal.

However life runs as usual. The coming year end creates more and more work, more heartache and more stress. Since Monday I have been in deep pool of chaos. Visitors to be entertained, programs to run, people to handle and I was boss is never around when I need him thus I work alone.  The stress level is so high until  I shed tears. Truly, I felt demotivated and demoralised. Taking advantage on people weaknesses  for me is an act of cruelty. I wanted to say I hate my boss but actually I feel sad for him. He is slow and too soft to handle his staffs. He can't even make his staff do their work and fails to show a good example.  He rather passes the work to other people who perform rather than making sure each and every individual performs. Being selfish, he wants to save his face  but he breaks my heart. His most important second man.

My private life is blossoming. Am is doing well in his study. Recently he managed to secure two dean's list certificates for achieving excellent results in his first and second semester exam. My girl Ayuni is preparing hard for her SPM. And my Aurora is getting bigger and developed to be a beautiful flower in  our hearts  that blooms with  colours of joys  and sweet smell.

Till then.

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