Thursday, July 28, 2011

I am not happy

Been here nearly three months. One thing that is clear to me..I am not happy. Not happy with the people here..not happy with their attitude..their big mouths ...not happy with myself.

How I wish I am married with a big shot, then I can stop working..concentrate with my hobbies..looking after the family well being. Many times when troubles come..when people start gossiping..when I see the sour faces of several ladies's officers here, I feel I want to fire them or at least say few irritating words to let go my stress...but, I am not like that..I have to pull myself up and go on with my work.

I am not happy with myself too. I am looking for troubles ( which I have more than enough). However I could not stop the feeling..I want to spend time with him..I don't want much..just want to know that he like me too..damn..why..why now?

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