Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Thinking hard on..

This past few days I am thinking hard on my next move..moving out of here. I have been here nearly 4 months, still adjusting to the new environment, whereas I should have been comfortable already...but unfortunately I am not. I am not happy with the people..not happy with myself. I know I can't never change people..their perceptions..their thoughts of me (their new boss)..but the thing that troubles me is I, myself refuse to get near to them. I can't understand attitude towards people changed when I come here. In my old office I was a jovial person..I mixed with everyone right to the cleaning ladies..but somehow I can't..or better still..I don't want to do the same here. Why? I am asking myself too..why not? Am I still adjusting? Or have I changed? May be I am getting old so adjusting takes sometimes..longer time. I hope so because it creates unhappy surrounding for me and may be for them too.

That person is ignoring me altogether. May be he had come to his senses that its quite impossible liking me more than a colleague. Moreover the fact that I am somebody here brings him down to earth..the fact that hits me too and makes me sad..

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