Saturday, August 6, 2011

10 love

Aurora turns 10 months today. Such a sweet baby...smiles every time I say her name. She adores her dad, brother but mostly to her big sister, loves her so much. She can smile to her big sister even she is not in the mood and squeals happily even her big sister just smiles at her..

I adore her. I love her more when now she can differentiate me as her mother and others as strangers. She wants me to carry her not others. True, my hands feel like to drop carrying her because she is so heavy, but I love the smile she gives me every time she come into my arms. She is jealous every time me and her dad sit closely together..screams loudly as if she saying "don't get close to my dad..he is mine.." Hahahha..

My son came back yesterday. As to honour (hehehe) his return, I booked a table at a hotel for breakfasting. We went out around 5.30 pm and reached home around 10 p.m. However to me, the food was not as good as I had expected although the meal was quite expensive. It was not worth the money. Well, it was a good outing, so the not-so-delicious-food did not spoil the trip. We shopped for Aurora's dresses and I enjoyed shopping her outfits because girls' dresses are always pretty and cute.

As for today's breakfasting I cooked beef rendang for my son and few other side dishes. However, 10 minutes before the azan, then I remembered I didn't cook the rice. Oh my Goodness...So everybody ate something else before eating rice 20 minutes forgetful I was.

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