Monday, August 6, 2012

Aurora is 22 months old..

My love..
In towel after bath..while the elder sister lepak on the sofa..still in school uniform

Dah dibedak..sengih nampak gigi arnab dia..hehe

She is sleeping now. Her fever has gone...after 5 days. I cut her hair short. Not a nice cut though. She moved a lot..cried..very uncomfortable with the cut hair dropped to her body. We finished the task quickly. The result..her front fringe is somehow jagged..some too short. She looks like a real Chinese baby. However that was my best cut. If she could keep still, I would have done better.

I don't intend to write long..this is the only time I can write. There would be mountains of other chores waiting..

Till then..



  1. time fast she grown up..kalau boleh nak dia macam ni je kan...tak mo bagi dia besar...hehe

  2. yer la LW. memang cepat masa berlalu..I pun rindu saat2 dia baby dulu..skrang dah todler..tak puas main2..gigit2 dia..hehe..maknya pun makin tua..dah dukong kejap pun rasa nak patah pinggang..