Sunday, September 9, 2012

A late entry..My Love is 23 months!

My anak teruna and anak dara

My love..

On the way beraya..

The sisters..I think the younger sister will grow taller than the older sister..
Smiling..showing her teeth..near complete set

It has been more than a month I abandon my blog. Besides being so busy with life, with my family, work, with health problems..I just simply had no mood to write. Every day I tried my best to finish the house chores or sometimes baking projects..then without wasting much more time I quickly jump to bed. I wake up early every day so I need at least 5 hours undisturbed sleep. Aurora sleeps regularly at 10 p.m. I take the opportunity to sleep too. However if she does not sleep during the day time, she falls asleep earlier..around 8.30 p.m. It is better for me but the house would be quiet without her chatters. And finally I can watch other programme on tv..if she is around the tv would tune in to baby tv of disney I can memorize all the songs there..

      She eats a lot..getting heavier and taller. She eats any thing and every thing but not spicy thing of course. Once I tried to put in her rice a little bit of curry gravy..just to taste. She ate the rice a little, later refused. I just want her to be more adventurous in her diet..not like her dad. Very choosy. She still drinks her milk as usual. I am glad with that because some toddlers refuse milk after they take solid. I will try with some other food and see the reactions. She rarely falls sick, fever or flu. Her skin is so smooth and soft. Her cheeks turn red on hot day and I love to see that.

      She thinks her dad is hers alone. I cannot share her dad. She loves me, yes, but her dad is totally hers. Every time she sees me putting my head on my husband's shoulder, she would quickly making unhappy sound and immediately comes and pushes my head away..or my hand away from her dad. are so jealous..but I love you so much so I don't mind that. If it is other woman..that's another story.

     My two older children had sat for their trial exams. Ayuni got 5 As and 3 Bs...Bs for English (English?..what??), History and Islamic Knowledge ( what?? Islamic Knowledge). Hmm..she has to study harder then rather than looking at me typing my entry now...smiling yer..exam dah dekat..bila nyer nak study dik oi.. Idham also got his result..6 As and 1 B and 2 Cs...Cs? Yup, C for Chemist and Add Maths and B for Biology.. My son..please study harder..both of you. I just pray to Allah that they will score all As in the real exams...Insyaallah..

    Till then..

p/s  Hi LW and are both of you..Selamat Hari Raya, maaf zahir batin..



  1. Assalamualaikum AATW, long time no hear from you. I guess u are totally busy with work and family while I'm definitely leisure and main-main saja during work in office..haha take it for granted because I'm sick of em...Ni kalau depa tau I tulis macam ni...habis I.
    First of all, selamat hari raya aidil fitri, maaf zahir batin. How was ur raya? Balik mana? I celebrate in Sg Long with my sister and last week Net came over to Windsor. Me and Net plan to visit you in Tapah. When is the best time for you? As for us weekend is ok and we plan too, to overnite in Kampar it near
    Tapah or jauh? Or else kalau ada rumah tumpangan in Tapah, that would be nice...anything pls advice.

  2. hi...selamat hari raya to u and family..
    we are doing fine...
    as LW said, we planned to visit u and jalan2 around tapah...
    like to stay at the rumah tumpangan or hotel tapi make sure the hotel is not haunted oo...

  3. Hai hai hai..both of you..I am doing fine and the family fine too. I miss both of u..pls come over..I will tell u when is the best time..bulan september ni penuh weekend dgn sekolah ganti atau program sekolah. Oktober bulan peperiksaan PMR..pas tu I am marking plak. November..or cuti sekolah would be nice since I am moveable at that time. Rumah rehat tapah ada kat sini..setau I tada hantu la..Kampar Hotel tak la jauh sgt tapi lebih baik overnite tapah jer..lebih banyak masa spend dgn we all. Aurora walau tak reti bercakap lg tapi mulutnya riuh berbunyi..tah apa2..nanti boleh la dtg kebetulan nak kenduri sikit sempena dia dua tahun..makan2 sikit..nice if both of u could come. tapah is a sleepy town..good enough to unwind yourself..pls come okay..