Monday, November 12, 2012

Busy as busy as bee..and Aurora turns 25 months old..

My love..

Year end..but for me work has no end. I have more work and they keep coming until I want to scream.....helpppppppppppp...whoaaa..that much work friend Mani asked. Ya much work until I can't go and visit you in Taiping tomorrow..hehhe..

Yes..I am busy until I forgot to update Aurora's 25 months birthday. Sorry dear..I will make it up later. I am stealing few minutes to update Aurora's development. Still she does not speak well. Just few words here and there. The work she utters every time she sees my car...carrr..clear and a bit strong difthong R....CARRR...hehe. Another quickly turns her head if she is not happy with something..and o..noo..amboi..orang puteh ke nih..Other words..ayah..nak..mak..ball..just..few words..

She is taller..fatter..her skin is so smooth and her checks are pink..and she stops sucking dummy.My husband put them away for good. She is very good reading our emotions and she too shows her mood very well. Now, while I am typing this entry, she keeps on pulling my hand away from the keyboard and pays attention to her.

Okay..that's all for now. Till then..

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  1. yes chubby, comel, cenonet..what else...nak geget la pipi dia, sure rasa apple..muehehe!