Wednesday, April 17, 2013 brains freeze..

I am studying hard for the coming exam next Monday. Finally last night I had uploaded my 55 pages report  + pictures + appendixes to the web. Done ! Before that we went down to town and had my report nicely bind into a mini thesis. Its over...Thank God.

Now I am revising..the more I read, the more I forget every thing..God..please help.

I was under the weather last few days...fever, cough and mild flu. The same with Aurora. Fortunately, we are okay now.Both of us have to be okay since I will leave my family for two more week this coming Sunday. I pity Aurora. I have been so busy..sometimes I regret my decision taking up for this course. Now I have no choice..I have to proceed.

My son had finally chose  UniKL. Got the offer letter for Machine Building and Maintenance course. I hope he will be happy doing that because he himself made the choice.The only thing we, the parents, have to do now is to prepare the money..which is a lot.

I have to continue studying...

Till then.

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