Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The hard work pays..

I have been working hard to finish all my course works and my report...and studying for the final exam yesterday. And it was a relief.I did not know my grades yet but I am so happy the first phase of my course is over yesterday. My husband sent me here on Sunday late afternoon.I managed to study some of the notes given that night. Monday morning, I sat for the test. I was not 100% confident of my answers but at least I was not stuck because I could still recall some of the notes I have read and that helped me to answer the questions.

And later we had to send in all the reports and CDs of the report.I sent in all but I could see many of my friends were not in the same shoes.Some did not yet print the report, some did not burn the CDs, some did not bring all the things ...left at home and worse some did not even finish the report yet.Oh my God..if I was in their shoes, I would not be able to do anything.  I panic. And I would have a hard time listening to the harsh words by my course supervisors. Like my friend now.

Suddenly I was glad I had gone through all the hard time few weeks before. Somehow I managed to set my time doing all the homework given even though I had to stay up late every nights. I am glad all my hard work pays. I could sleep peacefully whereas some of my friends still facing the lap tops until now since the due date of all the course woks will be closed tomorrow.

Thank you my family for giving me support and motivation all the time I need . I love you.

Thank You Allah for helping me out every time I am in difficulties. You have given me so much and I have given back so little.

Till then.

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