Tuesday, September 10, 2013


They finally got it..they have pushed the wrong button for too long and too far beyond control. The transfer letters came almost at the same time after my boss had admonished them on their attitude and gave a very 'straight to heart' reprimand during the  last meeting. They were shocked because this was a very rare occasion.My boss is quiet but once he talks...its bitter.

Quite frankly, I think they deserve that. They had no  shame acting like a bunch of school kids. In fact school kids are better in a way. The way they laughed loudly and cracked jokes stupidly in the canteen even there were visitors inside making me sick. In some occasions they were like...They acted very unprofessionally creating stories and discussed things in their group openly in FB.

I am speechless..ashamed as they are my colleagues. I keep things to my self. Let them do whatever they like within their limitation. I don't have to punish them..they are punished already.  By Allah..The Almighty.

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