Wednesday, September 18, 2013


It echoes in my heart
beating relentlessly
and never stop haunting
my days

As much as I struggle to stand strong
the wind of sadness sweeping my face
with misery and memories
to bring out tears
which I quickly cease

Give me pains and sorrow
but be kind to give me will and strenght  too,
Allah..You are the Almighty...
You know all..

I have many stories to tell. However some would never be told in terms of words and appear here. It would only be shared with no one. Nevertheless, some good and happy stories have taken place too. One of them is Aurora. Seeing here growing up to be a very beautiful toddler..a cute little girl will always bring warmth to my heart and brings smiles to my husband. We all love her so much. She has become my saviour in my life. In fact, she is the happiness.

Here are some of her recent photos.

Till then...


  1. Salam Zu,
    Hw r u? Hope u n family doing well. So sorry for not visiting you here. Life is hectic for the past few weeks but now ive a plenty of time..happy sunday!

  2. Doing fine..busy as always especially now my boss performing haj. Do come up here..ask net to join. At least a break for me..hehehe