Thursday, March 6, 2014

Aurora is 41 months today..

Today marks her 41 months birthday..3 years and 5 months old. I do no wish to write long about my toddler since that there are not many new things. Her vocab is bigger now. She manages to construct simple two or three words sentences. It's okay for me since she could understand instructions and could understand simple reasoning. All except buying new toy every time she sees one. Sigh...that is one thing I could not simply comply with. I got fed up watching her toys all around the the living many until it got me mad. So last night, after she fell asleep, I got around two boxes, packed all her unwanted and unnoticed toys and chucked them away in Am's room and locked it down. Done!! My mind was at ease seeing not so many toys around. That's a big relief. Whew!

So here are some of her photos taken with my 360 camera. Let the photos do the talking.

Equatorial Cameron Highlands

Comic Fiesta KLCC


Lost appetite....Station 18, Ipoh

With her fav toy..Johnny Pinky

Perasan 'anak dara'

No Mum..Sorry Mum ( kes tak mau makan)

Still my baby...after bath

The new hair cut..posing

The recent pic..all my children..Mydin Meru for Bowling Tournament
Till then..

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