Sunday, March 30, 2014

His birthday present..

Many things had happened within these few weeks. School holidays..before that I managed to finish up two wedding cakes orders...then children come home for the holidays. Anduk  from SABDA and Am from KL. Then on Tuesday we took ETS from here..went straight to KL Central..took commuter to UKM. Took a cab to PROTON in Bandar Baru Bangi to collect Am's present..a car..a brand new one. A SAGA FLX. Then my hubby drove us home in the new car and we arrived quite late that night nonstop.. except for dinner and break.

        A new experience for Aurora taking a train drive. She was happy and didn't sleep at all. However it was very tiring and I was glad that we finally arrived at KL safely and got into a car because Aurora really needed her afternoon nap. She slept for two hours and my left hand was in an excruciating pain.. I took panadol but it is painful until now.

       So Am got a car. Something I didn't want to buy and wanted to buy. Well, I didn't want to buy but I had to buy for his sake. I am deeply worried thinking of him driving from and to college but I have no choice. Rather than motorcycle I prefer him driving a car. However still I do not trust him driving alone to BBB today so he had to take ETS to go back to BBB and next weekend my husband is sending the car to him.

      Sayang, take care. We love you so much, so please make sure you drive carefully. For us the car is not important..but you.

      The house is quiet now. I am lonely again.

Till then..


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  1. Salam Zue, hope u and family doing well. Wahh Aurora dah big girl now.Last week Net came over to visit me in Sg Long. We talk about everything includes Aurora..tetiba teringat. We did plan before nak visit u in Ipoh tapi Net pun dah start kelas and im busy with my ntah hapa-hapa schedule instead of cari rezeki. By the way, by time Zu baca ni im already out of country. Mengembara lagi sekejap, di mana ada rezeki di situlah ada saya. Will be in UK for a month, ada kerja kat sana. InsyaAllah if everythings ok, saya akan dok lebih lama di sana. Wish me luck ya. And may Allah grant u and your family a lots of rezeki and happiness. Big hug to Aurora.