Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I have to take the medicine for hypertension..the first time..never before. Well, I have been having this neck pain since a month ago..since I did the work for my boss. It was a really hard work with many last minutes changes asked by the boss. I was so tensed up and finally I have got this new illness..

I was giddy and last Monday morning I couldn't stand it anymore. I couldn't work so I went to clinic.The reading was quite high and the doc gave me pills and asked me to rest for he feared I might collapsed.

I was no happy but at the same time thanked Allah so much for giving me this illness after I safely delivered Aurora..I can't imagine if I have this during my pregnancy..

Now I have to take care of myself..I have a baby to take care, 2 kids to look after..and a husband who loves me so much..I told him please take care of our kids if I am not around..his reply is..please take care of our kids if I (he) is not around..yer la tu i said..and he told me..don't ever said that again..remember we have promised to die together..if both of us died who are going to take care of our kids..I am quiet..I love u much..I promise that I will be with u forever till both of us die..

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  1. alhamdulilah..kekadang Allah bgkan kita ujian..supaya kita ingt betul gak..kalau hypertension masa prangnat Aurora, susah gak akan effect pada bby. mcm i..mmg effect teruk pada Firdaus..kecik dan kena monitor dr doktor..cuma masa bersalin jer senang sekali push terus keluar.alhamdulilh skrg high blood dh kembali normal..cuma jgn stress jer..take care....jgn lupa amik ubat...