Friday, April 1, 2011

Busy and busy..

Been busy this whole week..I need to quickly finish all my work before I go. Then on Monday my hubby at home received an big son got an offer to a boarding school here and has to register latest by next Monday. Then it all started..busy shopping..doing medical check up..all those forms to fill tiring. And me with all to finalize at office..some more with these could not get enough rest..finally on Thursday I took mc because I could not take it anymore. My BP rise up and I could not sleep well.

By today things have cooled down a bit. I went to report to the new office and will start officially next Monday. I sent the letter of postponing the transfer coz I still have tons and tons of work to finish up..before I finally say goodbye..

I hope I will go through the next week in a breeze and still maintain my healthy condition..Thank Allah for giving me strenght..for making things easier for me..for giving me so much gifts and blessing..Thank You for making my husband so happy when his loving son got the offer..I know he has been hoping for that. Thank You.

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