Monday, April 4, 2011

The parting...

The first time I sent my child to a boarding school..

My son had several times go for camping, sleeping outside my home, away from me but never like this..This time he is going to stay out for a long least two years. I had strongly hold to my stand that no child of me ever going to stay in hostel..will never be. However I had changed this time since I feel my son needs to focus on his study. Here at home he will spend more time watching tv or playing computer games. He is the first child and we, especially my hubby put high hopes on him.

Coming back from registering him I feel at lost. I kept calling his name even though I meant to call my daughter. My hubby laughed at me for making the same mistake again and again but I could see he too experiences loss. A big loss..and loneliness. He and my son are very close even though they are not blood-related. They are closer than father and son..they are more like friends..I am sad to see the separation but happy because my husband's wish comes true and all his efforts to make sure my son gets the best education had paid off.

My son..we all love you and miss you. I love you the well..make me proud..make ayah happy..

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