Thursday, April 21, 2011

Missing him..

Big brother

The house seems empty since my son moved to live in a hostel. Although the hostel is not far from home and we see him every single time the administration give permission for visiting..but still it is not the same..I miss him a lot..miss seeing him attacking his food with gusto( he loves to eat anything I cook )..missing seeing him watching Korean movies, animax..missing his smiles...missing the time I woke him up every morning ( he will wait until I come inside his room, he is awake already ) the aircond..and missing to utter the sentence "am bangun..dah pukul 6 dah ni.."

He is my first child..a very special one.. I have so many terms of endearment to address him.. he is my Tan ( a short form of Intan)..Manja (Jer)...Sayang..or Am (short form of Idham..his real name). I call him with all these names until now even he is already a teenager..16 years old young man..The best thing he is not ashamed to be called "Manja" in front of others..That does not mean he is girlish or what..he is my manja since he is a baby..

I could see in his eyes he is missing home too..especially now he is not feeling well. He had fever later flu and now coughing. He is thinner and has a pair of tired eyes .The last time I saw him made me sad. I wish I could bring him back home with me. However I could not do so. He has to learn to be be more focus on his study..and to be a man..My son..I miss you but every single moment I think about you I will never forget to pray to Allah that you will be fine and one day you will be a man we'd proud of..even now you already are..

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