Saturday, May 7, 2011

Aurora is 7 months!

Busy running here and there until i almost forgot today marks Aurora's 7 months birthday..Happy birthday my have brought me so much joys and happiness.My life is now complete when you come. Thank You much for this gift.

My son called just now. His sore throat has gone. He had gained back his original voice..not the rough and uncomfortable sound which he had for for nearly a month! He sounded happy since he was selected to represent the school for Science Carnival near here. Good my son..I know you will enjoy your new life in the new school.

As for me..I am slowly starting my business. I have gone for the getting the machines and other equipments. I hope I will success with my new venture. Please help me God to make it through..make me strong and energetic coz I know I need it. But mostly I need Your Guide and compassion. Thank You Allah.


  1. kenapa baby semua comel2 arrr???

  2. Sebab mereka tidak berdosa...tulus..suci..hadiah Allah kepada kita..