Saturday, May 21, 2011

New venture..

I have started baking..cupcakes..cakes..bread and chocolate making..on my own. I am aggressively looking for places to sell my products. I managed to get an supply bread to a school. I hope the product is good enough to attract buyers and I can sell more. My early response is very positive..they all liked all my bread and chocolates..and cupcakes.

I do hope I can do better and get a constant order to supply. It is my way to get extra cover my expanding release stress and to pursue something I enjoy..baking and cooking. This is my first time doing business and i do hope it runs smooth. I am not dreaming that my business will be successful within a short time but I am taking my time improving on my products and God day I will be successful and secure a good income. My retirement day will come..and I want to have a better future for my children. Thank You Allah for showing me the way..please guide me all along the way..

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