Thursday, May 5, 2011

Getting along fine..

It's nearly a month my son has moved to stay in's has been more than 3 weeks I have moved to the new working environment,new people. Some how life has been great for all of us. However we are busier than before. Weekends are full with visiting my son in hostel and doing cooking and cleaning the house. Since last weekend my son came back to spend the 3 days holiday at home, we decided to go to KL. I wanted to attend a chocolate making class in Seri Kembangan and at the same time bringing the kids all of us a break.

We checked-in in Grand Continental (I did not have time to check other hotels..and this hotel had been in our "best-choice" list long before) and the next morning after breakfast my hubby drove me to Seri Kembangan. Nothing unusual happen during the class but one thing that made me wonder is the attitude of one of the students there. I did not mind she calling me kakak even though she is much older than me but the one thing I could not tolerate is the selfishness. She came late..we were supposed to start at 10.30 a.m but she came 11.00 something so we had to wait for her. Another thing was she could have come on her own by taking cab but she asked the husband of the teacher to fetch her from the LRT station and sending her back the same way..Who is she to be given special treatment? I could come right on time even I stay hundreds of kilometers away compared with her just coming from Cheras?

Well..I should not spend my time thinking about her. I am not surprised because there are people like that every where and the older you get does not mean the wiser you will become...Just hope I will not be like that.

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