Monday, September 5, 2011

11 months!

Our love for her is growing stronger and baby.

In a few hours my baby turns to be 11 months old. Nowadays Aurora is very active..starts to push up her small bottom..trying hard to crawl but always falls back to her stomach again and again..So cute and so determined she is coz every time she falls she will get up to her knees and try again. We are so happy to see this and so relieved coz we have been expected her to gain the crawling skill already same like other babies.

She can't be kept still..very difficult to cuddle her since she moves a lot. The only time she keeps still in my arms is when she sleeps in the car. Other than that she is on her own gliding here and there to explore every thing and goes to every corner of the house to find any thing that catches her interest. We have to monitor her closely and with cautious. However we could see she loves bottles..any kind of bottle small or big she loves them..hehehe..what a funny thing coz any toy we bought for her do not interest her but bottles really captivate her attention..

She loves to eat and now wants to taste every thing even raya cookies. Rice porridge is getting her nerves coz she only eats a bit then shaking her head refuses to eat more like she used to. She is getting bigger and thus getting more demanding and picky on her food.

A little about Hari Raya. We spent the first day in KL visiting my hubby siblings and family. It was not so memorable since I didn't really bother to think about them..let them live the way they are..and we the way we are..we are always different..will never be the same.

The second day and so on I was here waiting for my siblings to gather in my home. later we traveled to see my father. Then the rest of the days spent and cooking until Sunday when finally every body left to start working on Monday. Hmmm..finally I can rest and my kitchen is deserted and the stove can rest too..hehe
Till then..

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