Saturday, September 24, 2011

Untitled..coz I am numb..

Last week my baby caught flu and fever from her brother who came back for three days holidays..then it went wild..the next victim was my hubby who too got sick ..and the to me myself. It was very tiring taking care of one adult who behaved like kid and one baby who of course acted like a baby..crying..wanted to be carried all the way..difficult sessions of giving medicine..and worse I felt like collapsed due to fatigue. Now, after a week my baby gets better but still cries at nights with blocked nose. Pity her to have her sleeps disturbed. However her dad gets better quickly..thank God coz the mother now had finally catches present I was typing my entry with sore throat and uncomfortable blocked nose..

It is decided that we..yes WE (me, my husband, my baby and my elder daughter) will go together to Jitra for my a week course. Now it has become a holiday..not me going for a professional course.. but more like an extended holiday. We had discussed and have come to a conclusion that my hubby alone cannot take care of Aurora..worse now she is not really feeling well. Another reason is to save me from being worried to death thinking about her being left behind. We will be together even it will cost a lot of money for hotel fees and food. However that will keep me sane and my husband will be happier.

Even though I thought that Friday was the last day for me to see that person before I go, but still Allah decided us to meet again this afternoon in one 'open house' occasion. I wonder why our paths crossed? Why? I wish to know the answer soon..

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