Sunday, September 18, 2011

Heart does matter..

It was quite a while I did not write new entry. I was busy and when I was not busy I slept. I slept whenever I could. When you reach this age a woman needs sleep..enough sleep. If not she will get tired..irritated easily and grumpy. Hmm..

For more than two weeks I have been avoiding that person. I do not know how and why..possible because I have been thinking hard about all these a lot. I prayed to Allah to show me the way..the right way.. I forced myself to keep busy..I cut chances to meet that person..even I felt sad but that was the best for us..for me at least. I notice that person noticed the changes but what to goes on..

I am going for a week course. I dread the day I have to leave my baby at home with only my husband to look after her for a week. I will miss her a lot..a lot more than I had ever experienced before. Truly love at the first sight bound my heart with hers. I cant live without her.. However,a week separated from my hubby is a good thing. It is good so that he will learn to miss me he used to..last time. Then he will learn to appreciate my presence existence. It is because since we are so engrossed with Aurora, he seldoms spend quality time with me. So good for me to be away..he will be missing least that's what I expect from least.

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