Thursday, June 14, 2012

And I thought it is gone, but apparently..

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Busy as usual. We have to move and to work harder as the year is closing to the end. There are many programmes to do and some need  re plannings and I have to push them to make it true. Otherwise, our performance will go down and that is something I can't swallow.

My boss had asked me to replace him in an event. Much to my dislike because afternoon event would surely finish late, and some even up to 6.00 pm. However I followed the order. I took a ride in one of my subordinate's car. I was lazy to drive. Every thing was okay and we came out early because he had to pray and I was very hungry coz we had not had lunch before we go.

A little update on the office politics...things have gone quite nowadays but I never let down my guard. And I thought the tingling feeling in my heart has gone because I managed to avoid things..but today it proves I was wrong. It is still there and it disturbs my mind.

What should I do?

Please help..


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