Sunday, June 10, 2012

Quiet again..

Am has gone back to hostel today. Suddenly everything seems so quite and slow. The lap top is free ( if he is around it would be a hot item), the kitchen is quiet too ( if he is around I would be busy cooking anything to his heart content) is back to normal again ( Ayuni finally can watch Malay dramas...Am does not share the same passion..he watches Anime) short I feel lonely.

Outside the birds are flying back to their is getting dark. Aurora is still sleeping..more to contribute to the silence in the house. I wish I could go back to my old time habit...cycling around the neighbourhood. However, since pregnancy, then delivered Aurora, my husband forbids the from getting close to the bike more to ride it. He does want me to fall and hurt myself.

Opps..Aurora has waken up. Time to play with her or if I can cajole my hubby, to go on a motorbike ride around the housing estate. Till then..



  1. welcome back to school kan...hehe..kesian Aurora mesti dia pun heran becoz rumah dah senyap..:)

  2. I know..kesian kat I gak..sunyi..hehhe