Saturday, June 9, 2012

A little update....Aurora is 20 months and her sister is 15 years old.

I have ignored the blog for so long. I had two long tiring journey this school holiday..going back to Kelantan and next traveled down to Johor to visit my dad.

We celebrated three important wedding Ayuni 15th birthday and last but not least Aurora turned 20 months.

It's quite late now and my eyes can't follow my order to stay opened. So here are the photos to say all the stories if not all. Till then..

On the way to Desaru...what a spectacular bridge!
Birthday gurl...main pasir
My brother and sister..

Senai Airport..Aurora dapat kaki
Senai Airport..

Rainbow cake for Ayuni's Birthday...Happy sweet 15 my loving daughter..we love you so much! home..try kasut ayah yer..hehe



  1. Happy birthday Ayuni..:) and Aurora...hehe besaunya kasut!
    Quite long time ya lah school holiday kan..well im as usual..hectic and tight..end of this month will fly away to somewhere and next month too to another destination..phew! bila nak jumpa Aurora lagi ni..:)

  2. Drop by are most welcomed...