Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Closing the final chapter..

I am in deep thought. Since I received this sms last week. Somebody wants to buy my old house in Kuantan. I was surprised on how could she get my number. I have changed my phone number a countless times since I moved out from Kuantan. My mood of the day suddenly went sombre because the house symbolizes the  memories of my old and sad life..more than a  decade ago. The memories which I have managed to put behind my subconscious thought..the time that I wish I have never had. Unfortunately, I had.

The person asked if she could buy the property. She is apparently my neighbour's sister there. I apologized for I have abandoned the house for so long thus creates a lot of problem by leaving the unattended 'small jungle' in the neighbourhood. I asked for some time to think and to discuss with my hubby of the offer. Now I am still thinking.

I am sure of not going back there. I had the worst time of my life in the the town. I cringed the last time we went there..driving down the road and saw the crumbled house. I have started a new life here and I don't ever want to go back there. I had enough.

I have discussed with my boy since I would name the house after him. He too didn't want to stay there. The house was bought with my own money..and I am still paying near RM 1000.00 every month...for nothing. Never in my mind the idea of  leaving the house out of sudden..leaving all my furniture there..with only some possessions I moved to here. All because of the menace of one ex. The house has become my liability..and my source of many years of pain and suffering. I have to let it go.

Now, I have finally opened my heart to finally closing the sad chapter of my life. I have started afresh and I am happy now. Let's cut the last string that connects me with my ex-husband. We  have our own ways now..and I believe that sad chapter of my life has come to the end.

Good bye house..


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