Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Yesterday I had one of the most chaotic day at work. Luckily there were many people helped me to get things straight up. At the end of the day, all problems were taken care off but one. This 'perasan' person who always creates problems and spreads gossips. I had the urge to see this 'exasperating person' and bash her up. The only thing that stopped me was the thought that I was the most senior people around. I have to control my anger and my act. My boss is not around for a week so I have to take charge. I don't to create more havoc especially when my boss is not around.

I returned home with unhappy feelings. I was home late but still I managed to coak my husband to bring me and the children out. My head nearly burst with so many bees humming inside my brain. Late afternoon we went out. Just to wonder around the supermarket, ate, bought some t-shirts for Aurora, some veges and then we went home. Such a simple outing but at least my mind was clear. Before going to sleep, I vowed to take a day off the next day.

However, I still woke up around 5 a.m and cooked. And I still go to work.

And here I am in the office..scribble something.


  1. i dont know whether i still hv a chance to buy a t-shirt for my kid, cook for them and accompany them for homework...ntah lah,..berangan sajalah i ni..hehe

  2. You still have a lot of chances..the only thing you have to do..make a move dear.