Sunday, October 6, 2013

Happy Birthday my love...

You are 3 years old love. Three years ago but still I feel like it is yesterday. Thank you for making my life a complete circle..three happiest years of my life. So many things to say to you but I don't know how to. So whatever feelings I have in my heart can't never  be expressed. It is beyond words. I am bloated with thankfulness and contentment seeing you growing up well day after day.

Wishing you ....Happy Birthday the third to my baby Aurora Johanna..I love you dearly..


  1. dah besar dah... dah 3 tahun dah... cepatnya masa berlalu... i'm getting wiser (read: old) hhahaha....

    hapy birthday a good girl ya...

  2. tq net..mak aurora lg rasa wiser...older..semput kena paksa main bola dgn gurl ni..uhuk uuhuk..hehe

  3. Happy Birthday Aurora Johanna..u big gurl now..cepatnya masa berlalu..bila lagi boleh jumpa awak ni ya..


    - Auntie Shasha