Thursday, October 17, 2013

A short holiday..

Scared of the tv show..hiding

Still want to watch but scared...hehhe

Completely covered her self...hehhe..penakut tul..

We went to KL to my in laws to celebrate Aidul Adha. It was just a short visit. I was tired and wanted to go home quickly so I could sleep early since the next day I got to go for work.

Nowadays my days are long and and starts early. Almost every day I come home late in the afternoon. Back at home I have no energy left to play with my baby. We bought her a tea set...she likes to have a tea party with us. I will be the waiter and her dad, sister and brother are forced to be the companions to drink her "tea". Sometimes I was too tired to move along but when she begged, pulled my hand and said please..please..I pushed my up and went to be with her. I wish the holidays will come soon and I will have more time with her. Another thing is, I want her to stop wearing diapers..she is already 3 years old..soon she need to have her potty training. And the holidays is the right time for her to do that.

My...the time flies..her mummy is getting older...getting weaker..but one thing for sure..she is one happy mummy on the earth!!