Saturday, October 26, 2013

Damai Laut..

On the rocking chair..

A must activity...

My loves..

The sunset..when will my time comes?

I had to attend a farewell dinner.So far from home..had to stay overnight at Swiss Garden. I went halfhearted. Who ever would like to be with top people when you yourself is just a minor? A non important person who had to be there because of replacing her boss...when she herself prefers to be somewhere else..

But then...I got to do what I have got to do. We went, stayed for the night, I attended the dinner, a meeting the next morning and right after the meeting ended we checked out. That was it. I did not want to stay longer than I had to. It's not my place and they were not my friends..snobbish lots..

Coming back, when I was on my way to sleep after Zohor, my sis called. My ex baby sitter passed away. She was suffering lung cancer for over a year. I had written an entry about her before. Now she was gone forever. I was stunned..regretted for not visiting her for the last time. Actually we went to her house twice but nobody was at home and I didn't know her kampong address.

May you rest in peace Cik Nor. I prayed that you will be blessed upon and may you be accepted to be together with the sollehin...Al- fatihah.

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  1. Alahai bila boleh jumpa Aurora lagi. Zue, me and Net plan to visit U and Aurora soon tapi tak tahu lagi macam mana because next week Net konvo..lagi next to week I will fly to somewhere pulak. Nampak gaya inshaAllah tahun depan...