Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Birthday to my dearest husband...Bius

My love,
It seems ages ago we have met, fallen in love, get married and now Insya Allah we will grow old together..Tomorrow you will be a year older. I think its your luck or may be genetically you never seems to look older. You are still the same person with boyish look that amused me more than 10 years ago. When you cut your hair short, you could pose as a 25 years old man..more like my brother than my husband. Many times I felt irritated when strangers mistook you as my son..many times I felt sad too.  However, nowadays I don't care much about what people might think when seeing us walking together. The most important thing is, what do YOU, my husband, think about ME. Somehow I know, you are still the same person I have known many many years ago. The one that never tries to win my heart by sweet-talking me, never offer unnecessary compliments, compliments me only when you think that I go beyond excellent in anything, but appreciates me and my efforts in anything by being a loyal, loving, caring and most compassionate man I have ever met in my life.

My love,
One thing that you have changed is that you have become mellowed by Aurora. You used to be very strict with Am but with Ayuni and now Aurora you have gone kaput. Hehe..gone your temper and harsh ways. I can see that the girls have been pampered too much. Moreover, Aurora have captured your heart completely..that you are weak to your knees with her.  That you will do anything for her. To me, nowadays I am used to your styles, to your strange ways of showing love, to your undemanding attentions, to your taste buds, to you temper, to your everything of you so that sometimes I smiled listening to your babbling..and finally you will be quiet. May be these babbles come with age. I used to babble but now when getting old I am tired to say much..better say once and that's that. However, it is the opposite with you..or may be men like to babble more when getting older. I don't know..its just my hypothesis.

I can go on and on..but then it will be a redundant. My love is more than words actually. More like acceptance, contentment, happiness that is beyond my expectation. I had experienced bitterness in my first marriage and I have prayed without much hope that I could ever be happy in my life. With Allah grace and compassion to His subjects, He had answered my lamenting. He sent me this man to complete my journey with a new experience..this time with happiness.."bahagia" that I used to imagine. He is not 100 percent perfect but me too so I would not mind much. As long as he loves me and my children, that's enough.

Even you would never read this, I am happy enough if the words printed here will forever be here. I am so happy being your wife and I would like to be your wife even in the next world. I could never imagine life without you. I pray that you will be with me till we both grow older. Be a more obedient servant to Allah and by His grace too, we will die together.

Happy Birthday my love..

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