Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Steamed bananas and kindness

I was having this craving for steamed bananas for several weeks. I had tried so many times to buy bananas at the market. Every time I went there would be no bananas except those ripe bananas which are not the one I was looking for. Until one day, after work I stopped by at a the bananas fritter stall. I wanted to buy some kuih when I saw hanging at the stall the bananas I was looking for quite sometimes. I bravely asked the makcik to sell some to me.

She said that bananas are not for sale. I begged..please sell the tome..I said I was craving for steamed bananas. The lady asked..."teringin ker? mengidam? Oh no..I was not that "mengidam". She said.."kesian..ambil la pisang ni..teringin kan..She pitied need to pay her...she said..sedekah. I was so thankful..brought home the bananas, steamed them and eat with grated coconut and sugar. It was heavens.. Thank you..kindness are shown to me that day. May Allah bless you makcik..

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