Sunday, November 10, 2013

Time flies..

The day does not flip like pages in a book..nowadays it goes as quickly as a computer screen... a click on keyboard..then the screen fast.

I have noticed things are getting faster..sometimes I  stumbled upon things..unexpected things. Somehow...someway,  I have managed to get up to my feet and move on. The one thing I realized I am getting old. Some of the people I have known had gone..some have moved out far away..some stay being the same persons..some changed..getting older like me. Its the fact that time is catching up fast with me. Sadly, even though I know  things are moving fast, I have yet not doing the best out of it. I mean..when will I do more to get closer with The Al-Mighty? I am running here and there for survival..but how do I survive in the after world?

We went out today to eat out and to see things. Just to relax..and to buy our birthday gifts. My husband had asked me what would I like to get as a gift. I had no idea. Actually I have every things..I have enough. I have no wish but my hubby brought me to a jewellery shop. he said..choose. At the end I bought a new ring..a wardrobe..and nothing for him. Like me he said he did not want any thing..he has all. I want to buy something for him but frankly I have no idea. I will wait for Am to come home so we could think if something.

Till then..

P/s...congratulations Net. You did well.

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