Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I was really angry today. However one good thing about me is I don't bring up my anger and lash it to everybody. I just focus on the person (the source) of my anger..and there she got to see my worst side. And I am sure she will remember it forever in her life.

I was never hash to my subordinates,even they are testing my patient many times. I am a very considerate person and always make sure everybody is comfortable with me and helps them in any way possible. I can joke and laugh freely with them without thinking so much that I am the boss and they are my subordinates. However, one thing that they have to remember there is a limit in anything. ONE thing that I really HATE is talking or a better word for that personal things. I have never bother about their personal things and like to look for any gossip. I respect them..and they too have to respect me..fair.

So today, finally I can't restrain my self and I "fire" the person. I cried because I felt so much hurt by what she did but it was a relief because finally I released my anger. Serve her right. Next time please mind your own business and remember I am still the boss!

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