Sunday, January 2, 2011

Aurora's new tricks

My sweet Aurora

After the case of colic last week, Aurora is better after taking the medicine. However, we don't want to depend solely on medicine every time she has colic.So, I went around to ask for any "petua" to prevent colic. We tried it all. I am still searching for any bidan to massage her tummy since my friend said it one of the ways that work for colic babies.

We also decided to change her formula. She has taken Enfalac A+ since she was born. We thought may be she couldn't take soy milk so we changed into cow milk formula..Nan Pro. After a few days she has showed some improvements. We were scared she might not like it or it was not suitable for her but it seems alright until today. We are relief.

Aurora will turn to be 3 months old next week. She has developed many new skills and tricks too. She can see clearly now and her eyes would follow me everywhere. She has started cooing..sweet sounds from if she is trying to talk to us. She smiles a lot every time we speak to her. She likes to put her fingers inside her mouth. Her baby gloves are always wet and I have to change it several times a day. She is quiet heavy to be put on the shoulder and my arms are in pain for carrying her a lot. Besides that she is still and will continue to be the cutest baby in my world.We thank to Allah for she is healthy and grown up well.

I pray to Allah to endow us prosperity, health and happiness for all of us this new year 2011. And I hope I can perform my duty well as wife, mother, worker and most of all a humble servant to You Allah The Almighty.


  1. dia sungguh comel..
    semalam masa i pegi makan, ada one baby tu pandang2 i sampai kepala terpusing2...cute baby tu..
    i pulak pantang nampak baby mesti nak tengok2 dan cak2....
    yang tak best bila kita tegur baby tu, mak bapak kadang2 buat sombong jer dgn kita ni...
    patutnya banggalah bila orang tegur2 anak dia kan...maknanya anak dia comel....

  2. tq net..i pun heran mana dia dpt rupa mcm cina tu..i itam, ayah nya putih la tp tak derla mcm cina..whatever tq..

    i pun suka cak2 baby..kalau yg sombong pulak mak bapak tu lantakla net..mereka tak bersyukur dpt anak comel