Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Visit

Aurora with her big brother

Yesterday, Saturday, early morning I woke up the children, prepared my baby's bath, packed her things and ours..and later straight we went to visit my father who lives some two hours drive away.

My father had never seen Aurora before. He is too old to travel so we had to go back and showed him his new grandchild. He is not feeling well due to his diabetic problem but overall he is fine. He was happy to see us but could only hold Aurora for a while for she moved a lot and my father was scared he might drop her. My hubby bought some food and we had a simple but nice lunch. My father's house was very near to a river so the wind was cooling and calming.

After lunch I went out to have a chat with my father's neighbour's wife. I called her Makcik Nab. We exchanged news,talking about her children and kampong folks whom I know. One thing that she said but marked in my heart was about me going back to visit my father and my mom when she was around (she passed away 10 years ago performing Hajj). Makcik Nab said I was the only child who keeps on coming and visit my father..while the rest of my sibling rarely do so and some never even stepped on my father's compound since 10 years ago. Well... I told her, all others have their own lives..married with husbands who don't favour my family and my what to do? Even my mother could never say anything if her own flesh and blood abandon her when some of her daughter married to lousy and stupid husbands. She just kept everything inside her and continued to be nice to her son-in-laws. I knew she was sad but when she was alive I did everything I could to make her happy..took her anywhere she wanted to go and gave her anything she wanted to eat. She used to say to me that she was satisfied going out with me because I was the only child with whom she traveled to many places and ate a lot of delicious food. The last thing I did for her was to send her to Mecca performing Hajj..she passed away there. I was really sad when she didn't come back but at the same time happy because I managed to make her wish came go to Mecca and died there.

I don't have much money to give to my father,nor having much time to visit him often..but I will continue to be a good daughter because his name is after my name and I carry this name forever till I die.


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  2. yes net..he stays alone..tried to stay with his children but not for long..he prefers his old house near the river..