Monday, January 17, 2011

My heart has gone away...

I have been working at the same place for nearly 11 years..I transferred from far away to this place. At first I enjoyed the peacefulness and calmness but now I am not happy anymore. Things are different..people have changed and the serenity of this place has gone..

I started as I am somebody..and I don't like it. I choose to enjoy my life after all the hardships in my early working years. Now I have a stable job..satisfying salary and beautiful family..I wish no more except spending my time happily and no headache and heartache..

The thing that has been in my mind these days is I want to move on..transfer to another office and forget whatever unhappiness here. I will do something to make my wish come true..and I am praying hard to Allah to let the truth finally revealed..

The one source of my happiness nowadays and my misery melt away.. my love family..


  1. arora..tomeyyyyy....muahhhhh..boleh buat menantu...

  2. comel mcm chinese laaa.... lai lai come to auntie

  3. kasih...boleh jer
    minat gak kat firdaus wat menantu..kehkehkeh

  4. net..
    i pun heran la aurora cam chinese..i itam cam melayu tulen..kawan2 kata tertukar kot kat hospital..hahhaha