Sunday, April 8, 2012

Aurora's timeline.

I spent many hours went through her photo album..and videos..thousands of them..looking, admiring,remembering the time she came into my life. She brought so many changes in our daily life..erupted with non-stop and night. There are countless photos with each carries many memories..

Here are some of them..

2 weeks
A month..
Two months
Three months
Three and a half months..I like to see her hands..
Four months

Five months

Lying on her stomach..
Curious look..
Seven months
Seven months..manja look
Hurray...I can sit alone..look!
Eight months..after bath
Oh..I am so shy..
What did u say..?
Sweet smile...nine months
Crawling everywhere...ten months
Eleven months..Eidil Fitr
Birthday baby..One year old
Hello..who is that? Start nakal dah..

I love you much.

1 comment:

  1. She is a happy baby..senyum je bila nak friendly eh!:)