Thursday, April 26, 2012

My journey..yeayy

I will start my baking tonight  for the order to be picked up tomorrow. Hope everything will be okay. Even though I feel tired of today's event, but finally I will start on something I love so much.

Saturday, I will make a journey with the whole family..going to KL..visit my in-laws and the most exciting dating ever..meeting a new friend.. Am had called just now telling me the good news. He is coming back from hostel after school tomorrow( at first he said there will be an activity in his he couldn't come back). I am so relieved to hear the news. Now everybody will go. 

Dear friend..wait for us ..



  1. Can't wait for the day, wish everything is ok with you then and see u soon! Tc..:)

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  3. me to..kan best jumpa net jugak yer tak?