Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Normal days..

The last few weeks I was really busy. Finally last Saturday it was over. The event was a grand one. I was comtemplating whether it would run smooth or a complete failure. Thank God it was a huge success...with some minor frustrations..however I won't complain about it. Let them be..

Now, everything has gone back to normal. I could sleep well without thinking so much about work. I have to concentrate about few orders of cupcakes and cakes from my colleagues. I will start tomorrow.

In a few days Aurora will turn 18 months old. She has started calling me "ma"and talks nonsense. It is funny listening to her 'language'..she is saying something but we can't understand. She is chubby with her cheecks turn pink naturally when she is warm or cold. She would come to me when I was holding the mouse reading something on the internet. She would pick my hand and pushed it away from the computer, turned around to face her and open her arms, in a way, asking me to carry her. As if saying " stop looking at the computer,look at me and pull me up.." baby, how could I refuse? As expected, I left the computer, turned to her, pulled her up..kissed her all over the face..and run the bed to tickle her until she giggled happily..

I love you so much my much..

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