Friday, April 6, 2012

My Love is 18 months old!!

My baby in my arms..

Her  serious face.. 18 months old today. Feel odd because I could still remember when she was a few days old..when she had jaundice .... and I spent the days in the hospital waiting and worrying about my baby..and in much pain after a Cesarean delivery...Oh..I could never forget the time. I needed rest after the difficult delivery but what could I do because her jaundice reading was quite high..she has to be warded. Thank Allah because after a few days she was better and discharged.

Now..when I was typing this entry, she was down on the floor near my lappy..playing with my note book, her toys all around her..playing alone and once in a while go to watch Timmy Time on tv. love, my baby..I could never tell you enough that I am so happy with you around..My dull life has been lifted up with your existence..and when looking at you I have forgotten the miserable life, the misery, the pain I have experience in my early life.

Truly Allah has granted me the greatest gift of