Friday, May 25, 2012

Long way to go..

My 100 th Entry!

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School holiday has started. Meaning 'jalan time' for us. Sunday, we are going back to Kelantan for a kenduri..and on the second week of the school holiday we will travel down to brother's house. My father is staying with him and not feeling well so we thought this is the best time to start a long journey and spend some time with my other siblings. That is fair then..going to Kelantan (my husband hometown) first, then later to Johor to visit my family. I really hope Aurora will be fine with this travels..Pity her to be trapped in a small compartment for many hours. However we are going to take time to stop and get rest.

Actually I have a lot to say here..many things had happened this couple of weeks. My life at work seems working out just fine. I spend time doing my work  quietly in my room..just going out for breakfast and lunch. Most of the time alone. I feel better..and I don't feel lonely. I don't gossip much then..and I don't speak much too.

I  spent hours baking and browsing through the net to study cake decorating. Thinking of attending classes for the latter. I am looking for the suitable place to match with my limited free time. Aurora is more independent now so I can leave her for a while with my husband while me attending classes.

Hope every thing will work out and we are going to have a safe journey. Till then..

Net and LW..when will u both travel up..I am waiting..hehhe


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  1. I try to allocate some time to be there but so far time sangat cemburu dengan i ..hikhikhik..kalau boleh memang nak naik train jalan-jalan pi tu..wish one fine day..kena discuss dengan cik net kita..