Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Bomb...exploded!

Surely some of you think I was the one who exploded today..but no. Not me..not yet maybe. Maybe tomorrow because the people I have waiting for since yesterday still didn't turn up for work today, sending me sms, informing me that they are having fever. Fine..I am still having my littlest patience..let's see tomorrow then. I am not going to bombard them..just want to ask them why are they taking advantage?

Yes...the Bomb I meant up there was finally exploded in my old office. Finally almost half of my old colleagues put down their signatures in a memorandum to the district bis boss telling him that they couldn't stand anymore working under the boss's supervision. That they have had enough, that they have a lot of stress working with the boss, that they need some help to cool down the aggressive fire rumbling down every single heart and soul of them..well, almost all actually because a number of the staffs still in favour of the boss there..the kipas-mati fans la tu..

Unfortunately, since that they are all "mentimun" and the boss is the stinking durian..they were all condemned by the boss AND  the district big boss who not only refused to listen to them, the majority, but taking side..and being very very unfair. Unfair because some of the memos contained reports which could not be denied even by the big boss. And today, my phone ringing with various calls and sms by my friends..few of them received transfer letters very early in the morning. The transfer takes immediate effect. 24 hours dismissal. The boss used all the power and pulled all cables to transfer them, without any reasonable reason..the only reason is the boss hates them...the boss forgets that they also hate the boss..intensely.

I was very down by this but I could not do anything. What can I do? I am also powerless to fight my ex-boss. I could just lend my ears. So almost few hours they called me. Even though I was very busy with my own chores, I listened. I am their friend. I understand.

To all the big bosses out there, remember this. You are also humans with mistakes and errors and weaknesses. None of us are perfect. In your own organization you are the boss, people need to follow orders without any complains. Please administer them with some considerations and a lot of humanity. Please be humble because your people are doing work for you. Without them you are nothing. And believe me, one day when you are no longer a are meaningless. You just wait.

The end.



  1. yesssss..he has just to wait because the stinking durian will become timun jugak one day... bila dia pencen...mark my words... same goes to my boss laaaa....

    sometimes boss kata, u can come to my room, then we can discuss..then bila kita datang with our points of view, dia bombard kita mcm2... see how to discuss meh? boss yang rasa dia tu supreme being... eeeee very the sakit hati oneee...

    i punya increment dia tak kasi raise.... tak nak naikkan level i ni dah dikira gaji mati...

    mana boleh!!!!

    i cuma harap dia dibagi hidayah jer...jadi manusia yang ada sifat2 keperimanusiaan...

    emo jap... ha ha ha

    1. Yer la net..tunggulah bila durian jadi tempoyak kena tenyeh dengan timun..sedap wooo...amik la masa tu they cant do more