Monday, July 2, 2012

Pheww...another week to go..

Oh my..oh my..why should my boss  go for two weeks? It has become a burden to me..I feel like taking a long vacation..I really can't stand dealing and handling people. I feel like running away..I don't want to go to work. I dread myself waking up from sleep and get ready to work..Please..I become depressed thinking that I have to face these people at God..please help.

Tomorrow I need to call several officers to come and see me. And they'd better come up with good excuses for behaving very unprofessionally and some are even acting like childish..playing hide and seek with me going searching for them all around the complex. My feet nearly killing me..and I was having a very difficult time catching up my breath. So, you'd better be prepared cause I will do something.

Finally, I understand why I don't want to the big boss. I am not having the patience a boss has to have.
Full stop. Dear Wut..let's retire soon if you still want to enjoy your gratuity and pension money..

This is my chubby toddler
The end..



  1. The medicine..owhhh i want it too!

    1. Comelah..u can have your share here..hehe..she is very chubby now..geram rasa nak gomol2 jer..eeee

  2. don't be surprised to know that sometimes big boss also act unprofessionally...

    1. 200% true..I had my share dealing with some very unprofessional, very emotional, very ignorant, very lazy, very irritating...very..very..and very 'sakit hati" boss....

      That's why every day I thank Allah for finally giving me my recent boss..not 100% perfect but has so much compassion and share the same views with me..Thank You God..